Valentine’s Day Candy Necklace

I have really been getting in the Valentine’s spirit lately, so I decided to check out my Valentines Pinterest board and see what fun things the kids and I could do together. I came across this Candy Necklace that I had pinned a while back. I thought it would be a perfect way to mimimize the stash of candy at our house and at the same time make something cute for the kids in my Bible class. The kids helped me for a little while by putting the candy in patterns for the neclaces, but they got bored because they weren’t able to help with the entire craft. Tying knots with curling ribbon on small pieces of candy isn’t very easy for a 5 year old.

Things you will need for this craft:

  • Small pieces of candy (make sure they have wrappers that stick out on the ends – Peppermints, Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, etc.)
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Scissors


Start by lining up your candies in the order you want them in. I used on average 14 pieces of candy per necklace, keep in mind that if you use short candies you will need more and if you use long candies you won’t need as many.


Cut out 14 five inch pieces of curling ribbon.


Overlap the candies as shown.


Place curling ribbon underneath the candies where the wrappers overlap.


Slowly tie the pieces together tightly with a double knot.

When all the pieces of candy are tied together, tie the last piece of candy to the first to close the necklace. Curl the ribbon and your necklace is done.


These would make great birthday party favors or stocking stuffers for Christmas too!


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