Organizing Inside The Box

I love to organize! My husband tells me all the time that I have OCD and I am beginning to believe him. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ways to organize things.

Just the other day we rearranged our homeschool room and there was this awkward space left next to my desk. I have always needed somewhere to put my purse and bag so I thought why not hang some robe hooks and hang them on the wall. That is how this idea was born.


My husband and I are on this diet called Herbalife and the shake mix comes in these great containers that are just the perfect size for pencils, colored pencils, markers, you name it. They are just great. Before we know it I will be storing everything in these.



I also love to use Velveeta boxes to organize things in (you are probably saying “didn’t you just say you we’re on a diet” “Velveeta and diet don’t go together”…well we all have our shortcomings.) Velveeta boxes are great for filing paper things like receipts or recipes. They are also good for small items in a junk drawer like clothes pins or rubber bands. I found they worked perfectly for our Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Playsets.


In the kitchen I organize my spices in an old picnic basket. It gives the picnic basket new life and gives me a handy place to store all of my spices. I even use the cups that are buckled to the lid to store small things like sprinkles and food coloring.


The final way idea I have for you today is using Altoid tins. These tins are useful for so many things. I have seen lots of ideas on Pinterest for things like sewing kits and first aid kits. I am going to use mine to store 8 count Crayolas for my Bible class. That way each child can have their own little box to use during class.



I would love to hear some of the ways you organize things in your home! Do you have any other ideas for using recycled containers for organizing? I am always looking for creative ways to organize my stuff.


3 thoughts on “Organizing Inside The Box

  1. If anyone uses Tide Pods, the containers they come in are great for storing a variety of items. They are a good size with a lid that has a snap latch. We have one that houses the random and spare nuts, bolts, screws, etc. The second Pod container keeps all of my husband’s welding/metal working chalk in one place. Since the chalk comes in the house one piece at a time in the pockets of his work clothes, I keep it above the washing machine.

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