What Did You Make Wednesday? Summer Passport to Fun

Today is the first day of spring! I am excited that the temperatures are starting to warm up and the flowers are blooming.

Look at my daffodils!


I think this one might be a crocus.


Even our peanut plant is ready to be transplanted. Look at the before and after! The first photo was taken 2 weeks before the second one.


The kids have been playing outside more because the weather has been so nice. With that and it staying light outside longer, I have started dreaming of all the fun things we can do this summer. It never hurts to plan ahead! So I wanted to share with you our Summer Passport to Fun. I let the kids pick out activities they want to do and places they want to eat. I also added a few myself that I think they will enjoy. Then I scoured the internet for some cute clip art and made our booklet in Microsoft Word.






Somehow ice cream ended up in the book twice, but I don’t think anyone will mind!







Here’s to having tons of family fun this spring and summer!


2 thoughts on “What Did You Make Wednesday? Summer Passport to Fun

  1. How fun! I may be swiping this idea! I pinned a zoo passport but I haven’t printed it out yet. You should include a zoo trip with the Earls in your passport. 🙂

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