How To Organize Ties

My husband is a preacher. He owns A. Lot. Of. Ties! He loves to wear crazy ties as I call them. He has a Mr. Potato Head tie, a whole collection of Mickey Mouse ties, a tie with money printed all over it, and several that my dad has brought him back from other countries. These are just to name a few. We have always shared a closet and those ties seemed to take up a lot of space. I tried to organize them by hanging them over a hanger. I had several hangers filled with ties and all the ties would eventually shift to one end of the hanger and then the hanger would hang wonky in the closet. (Wonky is a very technical term, you know.) One Christmas I found a motorized tie organizer which actually held all of his ties. I think the ties must have been too heavy for the motor though, because after about a month it stopped working. I now organize his ties using towel rods. I found the idea in a book titled Sunset Ideas for Storage: Cabinets, Closets, Bookshelves.



I bought four towel bars on clearance at Target and got to work putting them up. I hung the towel bars so that when I hung a tie over the top towel bar the bottom of the tie could be tucked behind the towel bar below it and so on and so forth. Since I had four towel bars, I had three bars to hang ties on and the lowest one to tuck the ties behind.




We live in a parsonage and while we have amazing living spaces, we have teeny tiny bedrooms with itty bitty closets. I love how this project saves valuable space in our closet. With it behind our bedroom door, it is a space saver that can be hidden from view, which is another plus!


What Did You Make Wednesday? Bow Holder

I recently have gotten into hair bow making. I think I am making up for the first 4 years of my daughter’s life where I pretty much let her walk around with her hair hanging in her face. I finally learned how to make the hair bows and now I probably will never think she has enough of them.

The only problem I have had since starting to make the bows is finding a place to store them all. I had a belt hanging in her closet that I clipped them to, but it soon filled up.


Then they were scattered all over her dresser.


She also has a lot of headbands, other hair accessories and necklaces that I didn’t know what to do with. See her bathroom drawer!


I knew I had to make a bow holder of some kind so I went on Pinterest for inspiration.

I found these cute letter bow holders,┬áthis lampshade bow holder and these oatmeal canister headband holders. I had some wooden letters that my sister-in-law had painted for my kids when they were first born. They looked so cute in their nursery, but I thought this would be the perfect update for them to match my daughter’s room now. My daughter also had a lamp with a broken base. The lampshade is cylindrical just like the oatmeal canisters, so I combined the idea of the lampshade bow holder and the oatmeal canister headband holder.


Here’s what I did.



I painted the background of my letters pink.


Then I painted a chevron pattern on the letters. I figured if I couldn’t make the chevron work on the quilt, I might as well make it work on the bow holder. I put a sample piece of the quilt in the picture so you can see how they will go together. I am hoping to finish up on the quilt in a couple of weeks.


I simply hot glued ribbon to the back of the four letters in the middle. My ribbons are 36 inches long. I added four cup hooks to each of the letters at the beginning and end of her name to use for the necklaces. I added saw tooth hangers and rubber bumpers to the back of each square. Now I’ve got that tongue twister in my head…rubber baby buggy bumpers. I hung them kind of wonky so I didn’t have to stress out too much over getting it all perfectly straight and level.


Then I organized all of her headbands onto the lampshade.


I organized her brushes, combs, water spray bottle and spray conditioner in one of my Herbalife containers and simply slid the lampshade down over the top.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to put in that empty drawer in the bathroom!

Organizing Inside The Box

I love to organize! My husband tells me all the time that I have OCD and I am beginning to believe him. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ways to organize things.

Just the other day we rearranged our homeschool room and there was this awkward space left next to my desk. I have always needed somewhere to put my purse and bag so I thought why not hang some robe hooks and hang them on the wall. That is how this idea was born.


My husband and I are on this diet called Herbalife and the shake mix comes in these great containers that are just the perfect size for pencils, colored pencils, markers, you name it. They are just great. Before we know it I will be storing everything in these.



I also love to use Velveeta boxes to organize things in (you are probably saying “didn’t you just say you we’re on a diet” “Velveeta and diet don’t go together”…well we all have our shortcomings.) Velveeta boxes are great for filing paper things like receipts or recipes. They are also good for small items in a junk drawer like clothes pins or rubber bands. I found they worked perfectly for our Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Playsets.


In the kitchen I organize my spices in an old picnic basket. It gives the picnic basket new life and gives me a handy place to store all of my spices. I even use the cups that are buckled to the lid to store small things like sprinkles and food coloring.


The final way idea I have for you today is using Altoid tins. These tins are useful for so many things. I have seen lots of ideas on Pinterest for things like sewing kits and first aid kits. I am going to use mine to store 8 count Crayolas for my Bible class. That way each child can have their own little box to use during class.



I would love to hear some of the ways you organize things in your home! Do you have any other ideas for using recycled containers for organizing? I am always looking for creative ways to organize my stuff.