How To Keep Your Mesh Strainer Clean

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday about uses for coffee filters. As I was reading through them one tip caught my eye. It said to use a coffee filter inside your mesh strainer, when straining things like broth, to make it easier to clean afterward. GENIUS!

All you need is a mesh strainer, a coffee filter and something that needs straining.

I cooked some chicken today to put in the freezer. After it was done cooking I was left with some yummy looking chicken broth that I didn’t want to waste. When chicken cooks it leaves a not so lovely looking fatty substance in the broth. Using the coffee filter inside the mesh strainer keeps all those nasty little bits out of your broth and keeps them from clogging up your strainer.

Here is my not so lovely looking broth before I strained it.


I poured the broth into the strainer that was lined with the coffee filter.


I let it set for a minute or two so all the broth would strain through. Look at what I was left with, YUK!


Gather up the edges of the coffee filter and throw it away.


Look at how clean the strainer is.


Now the broth looks yummy and ready to freeze or use.